10 key attributes of an effective supply chain

  1. Consumer focus– consumer needs should always be the focus point of any supply chain system.
  2. Speed – determine the speed of each process and procedure in the supply chain and assess how to improve on it. Benchmarking can play an important role here.
  3. Flexibility– a rigid supply chain system can not respond to market changes.
  4. Variability– a one size fits all solution is highly unlikely to work for all channels and customer segments.
  5. Detailed approach – the devil is in the detail as small changes can have an enormous impact on your business.
  6. Transparency– supply chain processes and procedures should be transparent to all stakeholders. The higher the visibility, the easier to identify problems in the system.
  7. Honesty– transparent sharing of information and knowledge will lead to improved partnerships and build trust.
  8. Collaboration– through the sharing of information and key learnings between supply chain partners the system can drastically improve.
  9. Patience– all newly implemented systems require a patient approach as changes are unlikely to yield immediate results
  10. Constant assessment– supply chains are not static and consumer and retail trends need to be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

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