10 key steps for developing a distributor evaluation system

  1. Map out requirements– develop evaluation criteria and get agreement from key stakeholders
  2. Process and roles– identify each stakeholders’ role in each operational process
  3. Benchmarking-determine key KPIs that will form part of the evaluation
  4. Create rating systems– develop the system and communicate and train employees and distributor partners. Ensure all parties have a clear understanding of the rating system
  5. Pilot– launch pilot and evaluate results
  6. Refinements– make adjustments to the evaluation system where required
  7. Roll-out– implement evaluation system
  8. Build relationship with distributors– the evaluation process will fail if distributors view it as a witch hunt. Sell benefits to employees and partners
  9. Share– create a dashboard and make information easily accessible to all relevant parties
  10. Conduct quality improvements– highlight focus areas and commence quality improvement process

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