10 key value providers to customers

  1. Products. Do we provide the right products and SKUs to our customers?
  2. Value. Are products seen as value for money to respective customers in identified channels?
  3. Availability. Are specified SKUs available in specified channels?
  4. Communication. Do we communicate OOS (out of stock) to our customers and is a dedicated customer helpline available?
  5. Information. Do we provide any additional product and market information to our customers?
  6. Services. What services do we provide to our customers and are they tailored to specific channels and customer classes?
  7. Training. Do we provide any additional customer and employee training?
  8. Equipment. What merchandising equipment do we provide to our customers and does it take into consideration channels and customer classes?
  9. Merchandising. Do we provide merchandising services to key channels and customers?
  10. Environment. Is our company policy taking into consideration environmental issues and green reverse logistics?

One comment

  1. Superb top ten! When it comes to providing value for the customer, these are definitely the essentials. Zeroing in on the training aspect, the essence of employee training and performance enhancement is more important now than ever. Here’s a great site that not only delves into training your employees, but training them so you can keep them around when the dynamic of their jobs change – http://www.statamatrix.com

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