The advantages of Transportation Management Systems

Increased visibility. Today’s supply chain managers need to make quicker decisions based on real-time data. With increased visibility, companies become more agile and more responsive to changes.

Centralization of control. Centralization allows companies to make better use of shipment consolidation and pooling opportunities. Companies can now share shipping schedules across departments and business units. This reduces costs and drives efficiency across the whole supply chain.

Standardization of processes. By breaking down each process into its component parts, companies can identify opportunities including unnecessary layers or steps. Once processes are understood, companies can start highlighting best practices as well as bad processes.

Automated processes. In the past, companies relied on manual processes to track and monitor shipments. Processes were not synchronized and that created bottlenecks in the system. Automation allows today’s supply managers to manage more complex processes. Automated processes allow organizations to reduce cycle time and resources required.

Greater collaboration. With increased collaboration, supply chain partners are identifying opportunities not just for their business units, but opportunities that affect the entire supply chain.

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