Selection of mode of transport

Speed of mode – water transport takes much longer than air transport
Volume to ship – heavy, low value goods are more suitable for rail and water transport
Flexibility of mode – road transport is considered more flexible
Visibility of mode – can we track the goods shipped?
Weight of freight – a heavy load is normally not suitable for air transport
Distance to cover – where are we shipping the goods?
Total cost – how much does it cost?
Fragility of goods – rail transport is considered less suitable for fragile goods
Security required – is security a concern?
Control required – how much control do we require?
Point to point delivery – road transport is considered a good option for point to point delivery
Hybrid modes – for example, water and road transport
Value of goods – air transport is normally a good fit for high value goods
Access to mode – are we close to a rail station?
Convenience of mode – is it conveniently located?
Hazardous goods – what are the regulations?
Reliability of mode – how reliable is this mode of transport?

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