Supply chain learnings from Xbox Live

Dan Gilmore has an interesting post about the Xbox Live and the future of supply chain. There are some interesting supply chain learnings for companies.

What is the Xbox live? It is an online game with a vast online community. You need a Xbox console connected to the internet.

How much visibility is there in the game? Players (companies) around the globe are visible to all on the network and you and see who is online (or what is in stock for what price). You can select payers as “friends” (supply chain partners) and also segment players in different categories (work groups). Players’ games scores (actions,projects and KPIs) and profiles (company profiles, product and services) are available to all on the network. You can also invite players or groups (companies or individuals) to join various games (projects).

Can you communicate with players and groups? Communication is real time via chat or phone. Players (companies or individuals) can exchange ideas (or collaborate on projects) and discuss the game (projects).

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