5 steps for a greener supply chain

Communicate the message – It all starts at the top. Communicate the green vision and actions plans to all in the organization.  Have a clear public relations agenda and don’t shy away from your critics. Work with all stakeholders.

Look at the whole supply chain – talk to your partners and suppliers and get an understanding of their processes and systems. What are they doing better or worse than you?  What can you learn from them and how can you help?

Understand the returns – have a look at packaging, equipment, waste, and product returns. What happens to all of this?  What can your organization do to make the reverse logistics greener?

Reward ideas – focus on employees, suppliers and other partners. Develop clear plans to implement and reward new initiatives.

Take action – when things go wrong take action. Remember it is a process and don’t expect immediate results. Don’t focus too much on short term gain and keep the bigger picture in mind.

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