15 warehousing trends

  1. Speed – move goods at great velocity along the chain
  2. Cross-docking – best-in-class warehouses cross-dock an estimated 50 percent of incoming goods
  3. Greener – green technology such as natural light and renewable energy
  4. Size – smaller and narrower, making better use of allocated space
  5. Additional services and functions – customer services such as customization and in some cases even light manufacturing
  6. Outsourcing – highly specialized field and companies are increasingly looking at 3PLs to own and manage warehousing operations
  7. Real time data – technology is improving visibility in the supply chain and allowing greater opportunity for collaboration
  8. Vast data – vast amounts of data and companies are demanding increased accuracy
  9. Increased complexity – increased SKUs and warehouses require advanced technology to deal with the increased complexity
  10. Internet age – small parcels and increased customization is commonplace
  11. Agility – solutions that can adapt to the modern supply chain
  12. Productivity – increased productivity and multi skilled employees
  13. Leaner operations – non-value adding activities are identified and corrective actions are taken
  14. Product and information flow – better understanding  of the flow of information and products to reduce bottlenecks in the system
  15. Compliance – compliance such as labeling and documentation is increasingly important

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