Coca-Cola’s Micro Distribution Model in Africa

There is increased interest in the Coca-Cola Micro (or manual) distribution model, first launched in Ethiopia in 1999. The model has recently been selected by the IFC as one of “Inclusive Business Solutions” focused on distribution. On the 7th and 8th of October I will speak at the IFC conference titled “Inclusive Business Solutions: Expanding Opportunity and Access at the Base of the Pyramid”, which is being held at headquarters in Washington, DC. Here are some links for the MDC project:

Presentation – The Supply Chain Lab. Presentation at the IFC Inclusive Business conference in Washington, DC.

Case StudyIFC. On overview of the model and IFC’s involvement

Case StudySocial Market Place & The Supply Chain Lab. Reaching untapped markets.

Case StudyHarvard University. Case study about the MDC model and impact.

ArticleThe Supply Chain Lab – Micro distribution in emerging markets– key issues to consider.

Video – The Supply Chain Lab. The distribution model in pictures.

Video (updated 22 Sept 2010) – TED . Melinda Gates analyzed the case of Coca-Cola in detail, and extracted three best practices that have allowed the company to build a global footprint

VideoThe Coca-Cola Company. A look at how Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution Centres (MDCs) offer a commercial opportunity for local entrepreneurs across the developing world, as part of its Business Call to Action strategy

Video (Updated 27th of March 2010) – Business Call for Action. Adrian Ristow, Measuring Results of Coca-Cola’s Micro-Distribution Centers, BCtA Webinar

VideoBusiness Call for Action. Coca-Cola’s former CEO Neville Isdell talks about the Manual Distribution Centre (MDC) and the impact it has on the community at large

VideoThe  Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola helps entrepreneurs set up Micro Distribution Centres.

 VideoThe Supply Chain Lab.  Distribution models in Africa and Asia.

Article next billion. Can Big Companies Drive Development through Enterprise? President Clinton and CEOs Weigh In

ArticleAT Kearney. Supplying Sub-Saharan Africa: Bring Common Sense, Patience and Ingenuity

Article The Coca-Cola system advances new solutions for economic development

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