Setting Execution Standards in Emerging Markets

When working in the consumer goods industry in emerging markets, it is important establish what success looks like for the sales team. Below are a number of issues to consider when establishing standards:


Visibility – Identify the brands and SKUs (stock keeping units) that need to be visible in the outlet. Determine where you would like your products displayed in the outlet.

Standards – Understand consumer and customer insights. Set minimum standards by channel. Determine the amount of space you would like to have in the outlet, including equipment and display space. In emerging markets, also consider the complexity the channel can handle and the space available in the outlet.

Equipment – Determine the right equipment required by channel.  Also keep in mind visibility and SKUs.

Compliance standards – Review budget and set minimum compliance standards. Implement an incentive system for the sales team and outlets.

Documentation – Determine how you will communicate with the sales team. Documenting standards with pictures, videos, planograms and other visuals is a useful practice.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Review the key performance indicators tracked by the sales team.

Audit – Create a standard template for the sales team to conduct internal assessments. Make “searching for opportunities” part of the business culture.

Tracking – Implement a tracking system to measure standards and track compliance.

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