Africa spends over $35 billion annually on food imports

Africa spends over $35 billion annually on food imports, according to a new report by the Africa Development Bank (AfDB). However waste and poor supply chain play a major part. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than a third of all food produced in Africa is lost or wasted every year. Not included is degrading.

One of the main challenges remains supply chain. FAO estimates more than 90% are due to inefficiencies in the supply chain. This could include poor handling and limited cold chain. Many farmers also live in rural areas, where roads are in poor conditions and travel times are long.

Furthermore, farmers have limited storage facilities and can’t profit from higher prices outside of the harvest season. Africa remains the most landlocked continent, with 40% of the population living in a landlocked country. Cross-border trade and red tape also increase cost and complexity.