Banished to St Helena? Now you can take a plane

Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island  in 1815, and more than 5,000 South Africa POWs (Prisoners of War), were held on St Helena after the Second Anglo-Boer War. Earlier in April, Comair commenced their first weekly flights to the new £250 million airport from Johannesburg.

The island is a British Overseas Territory, 1,950 kilometres west of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean, and has a population of fewer than 5,000 people. A cargo liner the RMS St Helena, in the past provided the only access to the island.The RMS St Helena is expected to continue operating until July 2016.

The islands’ economy is depended on UK aid and tourism. St Helena reportedly has the world’s most expensive coffee. The beans were imported from Yemen in the 18th century and Solomon & Company produces 1.5 tonnes of coffee a year. Their biggest fan was the late French military genius Napoleon, who said it was “the only good thing on the island”.