Figuring it out: Africa supply chain week in numbers

2 decades –

KFC quits Botswana after two decades, as the economy struggles with the downturn in the commodity boom. Proprietors of the Botswana KFC franchise, VPB Propco, said the business is no longer viable and they will close all 12 stores by June 5.

1000MW by 2025 –

Kenya has signed a deal with China to build a nuclear power station by 2025. Kenya plans to build a nuclear power plant with a capacity of 1000MW by 2025, with the potential to increase capacity to 4,000MW by 2033. The World Bank estimates only 3 out of 10 Kenyans have access to electricity.

$1.4bn –

More than $1.4bn airline funds have been blocked in Africa. The main countries include Nigeria, Angola, Egypt and Sudan. African countries are blocking funds as they try to control foreign exchange and mitigate the pressure on their local currencies. African airport charges for passengers, are among the highest in the world.

3rd time in a week –

An armed group has attacked a major pipeline in Nigeria’s Delta region, for the third time in a week. The Niger Delta Avengers group has claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

1,065 km West African railway –

Bolloré’s 1,065 km railway connecting Niger and Benin, is being challenged by Geftarail at the International Court of Arbitration in Paris. Niger has signed an agreement with Geftarail, noting that the company still holds the rights to build the railway.West Africa’s biggest railway will connect 5 West African countries and is estimated to cost €10bn.