Figuring it out: Africa supply chain week in numbers

$65 billion

Nigeria requires a $65 billion infrastructure invest in the next five years, to meet the status of a developed nation, according to Patrick Okigbo, Principal Partner at Nextier Limited, an industry expert.

$1 billion

Trade mark East Africa (TMEA) plans to raise about $1 billion from their development partner’s to finance infrastructure projects and other social services in the Six East African Community countries. TMEA is an East African not-for profit organisation, established in 2010 to support the growth of international and regional trade.

4th consecutive month

Nigeria’s Inflation hit the highest level in April since 2010, at 13.7%10. Analysts at FSDH Merchant Bank said they expected inflation to hit 15.58 per cent in May, as food prices and fuel show a sharp increase.