Barloworld Logistics’ supplychainforesight 2016 highlights the importance of an effective supply chain

Barloworld Logistics released the 13th supplychainforesight programme, including a web-based survey to capture the independent views and opinions of South African business leaders and supply chain professionals. The survey indicates that supply chain has grown in importance, with supply chain alignment and collaboration with partners, seen as having created the most positive impact on businesses in South Africa.

In the survey, 77% of respondents said that without an effective supply chain, they can’t be competitive in the future. The survey indicates a high adoption rate for both supply chain technology and skills development; however the full value has not yet been realised. Transport and infrastructure development, ranks the highest in terms of potential impact, followed by technology. Outbound distribution and outsourcing are seen as high impact areas, however with a low adoption rate.

Only 34% of respondents ranked their profitability target performance as strong; and 66% of respondents said their companies need to adapt significantly to the changing environment. The survey reveals that 69% of respondents are positive about the future, with 24% expressing concerns, topped by political uncertainty and the global economy.

The key opportunity expressed by respondents, is to seek growth in the rest of Africa. Only 35% of respondents said they are prepared for the future, with 65% only partially prepared or unprepared.