Kenya and Tanzania show increase infrastructure spending in 2016/2017 budgets

The Kenyan and Tanzanian governments both made large allocations for infrastructure projects in their respective 2016/2017 budgets. Kenya plans to spend $1.55 billion on their flagship project, the standard gauge railway, and $1.48 billion on road infrastructure. In total, Kenya plans to spend $3.5 billion, or 15% of their total budget on infrastructure projects.

Tanzania allocated $143 million to renovate the Central Railway line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika, and $9 million for the construction of the Mbegani port in Bagamoyo. Tanzania has big ambitions for the Mbegani port in Bagamoyo; one recommendation is to link the TAZARA (Tanzania-Zambia Railway) line to the port. Tanzania has also allocated $1 million for a feasibility study for the new Mwambani port in Tanga, and $35 million for the the construction of two flyovers in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania and Kenya are both vying for the “Gateway of East Africa” status, with the Northern (Kenya) and Central (Tanzania)Transport Corridors. In East Africa, the Northern and Central Transport Corridors connect Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.  The corridors also provide port access to the Democratic Republic of Congo and southern Sudan.