Figuring it out: Africa supply week in Review

1.7% –

World trade will expand by just 1.7%, in the the latest WTO (World Trade Organisation) quarterly estimate. The WTO expects global GDP growth at 2.2% in 2016, the slowest pace since the financial crisis of 2007/08.

20% –

Leading car manufacturers have been accused of a lack of due diligence around the risk of child labour in their battery supply chains. Amnesty International (AI) said that BMW, Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors (GM), Renault-Nissan and Tesla sourced cobalt for use in electric cars’ batteries from smelters linked to child labour. It is estimated that 50% of the world’s cobalt is sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and the report notes that 20% is extracted from small-scale mines in the eastern DRC, often under poor labour conditions.


South Africa’s new ‘Transformer’ trucks could cut logistics costs by 20% (How We Made it in Africa)

Tanzania & DRC sign deal for exploration in Lake Tanganyika (CNBC Africa)

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