Figuring it out: Africa supply chain in review

$14.2 billion –

Tanzania is building an electric rail at half the price of Kenya’s diesel Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line. Tanzania plans to invest $14.2 billion (Sh1.4 trillion) over the next five years to build more than 2,500 kilometres of standard gauge railway network; the longest by a single east African country. The line will connect its main Indian Ocean port of Dar es Salaam to the Burundi border. More…

1st –

The first scheduled commercial airline service to the remote British island of St Helena in the south Atlantic has landed. Built with £285m ($380m) of funding from the UK Department for International Development (Dfid), the airport was scheduled to open in 2016, but dangerous wind conditions delayed the launch.

10 –

The Ethio-Djibouti Chinese-built electric rail line will start commercial operations early next month. Ethiopia is planning to have 5,000 km of new lines operational by 2020. The standard gauge journey time will be less than 10 hours. More…

20 kilometres –

Engineers in Morocco are preparing to test Africa’s first high-speed railway this week with trains reaching 320 kilometres (200 miles) per hour.

3 –

A severe storm compelled the Port of Durban in South Africa to suspend all activities on Wednesday 11 October, including vessel movements. The facility’s managing company Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) also stated that three vessels were grounded at the port due to the severe weather conditions.

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