Figuring it out: Africa supply chain in review

Mombasa plans to establish a free trade zone (FTZ) for motor vehicles.  The 1,000-acre re-export gateway is scheduled to handle 100,000 vehicles annually in the first phase. More…

Rwanda and Tanzanian signed an agreement in Dar es Salaam pledging to proceed with the construction of a standard-gauge line. The 2,190 km railway line will connect landlocked Rwanda and Burundi with Dar es Salaam and the Indian Ocean. More…

The government of Tanzania has temporarily halted the registration of foreign ships, following the recent seizure of five Tanzanian-flagged ships that were carrying illegal cargo, including explosives material and arms. More…

Nigeria inaugurated its first Inland Dry Port in Kaduna, North West Nigeria. The intermodal terminal will operate as a inland trans-shipment centre for sea cargo. The port has the capacity to handle 29,000 tonnes of cargoes yearly in the first phase of operation. More…


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