What We Do

TSCL is an independent consultancy focused on supply chain, last-mile logistics, and informal retail service models in emerging markets.

Informal market service models

TSCL has extensive experience analysing, designing, implementing and scaling service models for informal markets and micro-retailers.

Micro-retailers: small independent stores, mom-and-pop stores, nanostores, traditional stores, street vendors, sari-sari, spazas, souks, kiranas – whatever you might call them in your part of the world.

​What are mico-retailers? They are small enterprises employing fewer than four people. They are generally independent, stock a small selection of stock-keeping units or products, and operate out of fixed locations. In some cases such as hawkers – they are on the move.

They work in a range of industries – from consumers goods, food services, agriculture, pharmaceuticals to electronics.

​If you work in emerging markets – they are a large part of your business. But servicing these independent stores is difficult and expensive. We can assist you on this journey – and help you avoid the potholes.

Healthcare logistics

​TSCL has been involved in a number of healthcare logistics projects, ranging from assessing government-controlled medical facilities, pharmaceutical market entry, cold chain studies, distributor analysis, and last-mile logistics.

How can you work with us?

Phone consultation:​

Do you need limited assistance for your project? We can provide a 30 min or 60 min phone or Skype consultation. Rates are charged at $60 and $98, respectively. We can send you the Paypal link. 

In-country consultation:​

We run a limited number of in-country consultation projects in a year. Please mail us an outline of your requirement, if you need help with your project. We can provide you with a proposal within seven working days. Alternatively, we can schedule a call to discuss the details.


If you would like to schedule an in-country classroom training or workshop session, please mail us for more information. We are in the process of developing online training, and will update our website once were are ready to launch. 

Contact details: