Vietnam’s Telio: accelerating ecommerce for mom-and-pop groceries

Telio is a Vietnamese ecommerce B2B  startup that connects micro-retailers with brands and distributors on a centralised platform.

Telio’s smartphone app enables retailers to order products from a range of FMCG brands and distributors, providing affordable pricing and an efficient supply chain. The company is building a network of warehouses, to ensure 24-hour delivery and assisting shop owners to better manage their cash flow and inventory management.

Vietnam’s retail trade remains fragmented and dominated by cử a hàng tạp hóa or mom-and-pop stores. Traditional traders contribute over 60 percent of FMCG sales in urban areas and more than 90 percent in rural areas, according to Kantar Wolrdpanel. Vietnamese shoppers prefer to shop at local stores or street vendors. They have good relationship with shop owners, and can easily visit traders on their motorbikes.

Micro-retailers in Vietnam have limited supply chain visibility for product availability, pricing and quality. Small groceries typically call over 50 wholesalers and distributors to place an order. Sometimes, deliveries can take more than a week to arrive.

Telio was founded by Bui SyPhong, and is servicing over 3,000 retailers Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The startup announced last year that it raised US$25 million in a series A funding round led by Tiger Global, with participation from GGV Capital, Sequoia India, and RTP Global.

Video source: Sequoia India

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