Chilibeli – facilitating micro-entrepreneurship among community members in Indonesia

Chilibeli is an Indonesian community-based social ecommerce startup  — connecting farmers, suppliers, and consumers through its network of agents or sellers. Its agents, or mitras, are mostly housewives, and can create their own community in the app — sell to their friends — and earn and commission and income. The startup delivers the goods to the agents, who take care of last-mile delivery.

According to the company, 20% of the expenditure of Indonesia’s households goes into groceries — and housewives who are typically in control of family spending —  are looking for opportunities to earn a living.

Chilibeli provides affordable goods and facilitates micro-entrepreneurship among community members through its Mitra Chilibeli programme, or Chilibeli for Partners. It leverages trusted social networks and helps Indonesian housewives looking to generate an extra income. Chilibeli was founded by Feng, Damon Yue, and Matt Li.

Video -Chilibeli (Indonesian)

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