Indonesian group-buying startup leverages social networks

KitaBeli is a social ecommerce platform that enables consumers to buy essential FMCG goods in a group — within their social circle. The platform allows users to connect with their friends — form a group — and receive discounts for bulk purchases.  

The startup sells fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other household items. According to the company, rice and noodles are the best-selling items on its platform. The average customer buys more than 6x every month — and 95% of orders are delivered within two days. It currently sources products directly from wholesalers.

KitaBeli was co-founded by Prateek Chaturvedi, Ivana Tjandra, Subhash Bishnoi, and Gopal Singh Rathore in early 2020. According to Chaturvedi,  Indonesian consumers are social and love to share information about discounts and deals with family and friends. It has allowed the company to build a loyal fan base and a profitable business model. The startup currently operates in Jakarta, but is looking to expand into tier 2-4 cities in Indonesia.

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